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Bach Viet group was established in 2010, operating in the following fields: Real Estate (BV land); Trade - Service (BV Life); Education (BV Education).

The products created by BV group are always towards synchronization, sustainable ecosystem development, bringing practical values, harmonizing benefits between BV group and customers, partners, investors and the community. BV group has won prestigious awards such as: Vietnam Gold Star in 2021; Top 100 Enterprises with sustainable development for 4 consecutive years (2019 - 2022); Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2019 and 2021; Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam in 2022…

In the field of real estate, BV land is a brand of investment and development of real estate projects with diverse products such as: Urban areas; Apartment; Shopping mall; Office for rent.

Opening sale
Giá: 26tr/m2
Address Bac Giang
  • Type Apartment + shophouse
  • Scale: 25.171m2
  • Developer: Bach Viet Group
  • Number of floors: 25
  • Area: 66-70-85m2
Project details
Liên hệ Quản Lý Kinh Doanh
  • Liên hệ Quản Lý Kinh Doanh
  • 0978.996.557